What Are The Main Costs When Selling Property?

Posted: 25th July 2017
It is fair to say that for most of us, a house or flat is likely to be the most valuable asset we ever own. If, over time, you are able to invest in your property, modernising or refurbishing it, or adding an extension, for example, you are likely to see a substantial increase in […] ...read more >>

Summer DIY for Selling

Posted: 7th June 2017
Few helpful tips that could potentially speed up the sale of your property.   Think about what viewers will see when they first arrive at your property. If you have a fence, give it a new coat of varnish, cut the lawn and clear away any obstructions to paths and driveways. From hallways to bedrooms, […] ...read more >>

School Catchment Areas – Important to Move Quickly??

Posted: 9th May 2017
Schools are now closing in on the end of the current summer term, but now is the time to start thinking about a move in preparation for the September 2018 intake. Moving into a catchment area of a good school is becoming more and more important for homebuyers and renters, and something to start thinking […] ...read more >>

Helpful Tips for Selling Your Rental Property

Posted: 26th April 2017
1) Getting your tenant onside Selling a rental property with a tenant in situ can be a challenge. Tenants are entitled to live their lives as they wish, and although you can ask them not to smoke in a property, or cause damage, you cannot dictate how they live their lives, or insist they keep […] ...read more >>

Largs Office

Posted: 2nd March 2017
We are constantly trying to grow our Estate Agency Service throughout Ayrshire, especially in Largs. We are extremely cheaper than all the other leading Estate Agents in the Town, Offering the same Marketing Campaigns, Same Service if not better. When we get an instruction to sell the property will sell within 3 months if not […] ...read more >>

A look back on 2016

Posted: 3rd January 2017
There’s no doubt that 2016 has been an eventful year for the property market. A number of predictions have come to fruition however, there were a number of surprise announcements along the way which nobody expected 12 months ago. With a new government in tow, an exit from the European Union and a higher demand for property than ever, it’s important to look at the fundamental changes the market has to continue to adapt to, and how this could affect anyone considering a property purchase in the near future. ...read more >>